Block Paving Landscaping for Dorking & Reigate

There are all sorts of materials that landscaping professionals use to deliver driveways, patios and similar projects. Our Dorking based team is versatile, and will use whatever material you have your eye on. But not all our clients around Reigate and wider Surrey are 100% sure what to choose. So in this blog post, we’ve looked to extol the virtues of block paving, a fantastic material that can be used for all sorts of hard landscaping project.

Why Choose Block Paving for Your Landscaping Project in Dorking or Reigate?

LOW MAINTENANCE – Not all our clients properly consider how much maintenance their new driveway, patio or path will require. While many popular landscaping materials take a fair bit of work to keep healthy, block paving requires very little. You won’t need to call in a Dorking or Reigate contractor to repaint your driveway in a few years’ time, and you certainly won’t need to top polish it! Just wash it from time to time with soap and water.

VISUALLY STRIKING – Block paving can be arranged in all sorts of patterns and is available in a range of colours. This makes it one of the most visually striking hard landscaping materials on the market. Because you can get really creative with block paving, or instead choose to go with a fairly subtle and traditional pattern, it really suits all sorts of property around Dorking and Reigate – from modern homes to rustic ones.

DURABLE & LONG-LASTING – But you don’t pay for its looks and low-maintenance qualities with durability. In fact, block paving is very durable and when well looked after, can last a very long time. One other benefit is that, unlike some other materials commonly employed in landscaping projects around Dorking and Reigate, block paving can be easily repaired when damaged. Rather than tearing up and relaying a whole section of a driveway to deal with a large crack or dent, the individual paver can be removed and replaced with a new one. This keeps down the cost of repair, which could otherwise be rather expensive.

RAIN RESISTANT– Many landscaping materials can suffer under excess rain fall. Block paving is porous, meaning it will draw in water. It’s a great option for homeowners around Dorking and Reigate looking to replace a driveway plagued with drainage issues, like standing water.

If you’re convinced that block paving is the material of choice for your landscaping project, why not call in Precise Construction to build it? We’re extremely skilled and experienced in this area, and have conducted all sorts of landscaping around Reading and Dorking using this fantastically versatile material.

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