Health & Safety Focused Builders for the Dorking and Reigate Areas

Construction work can be dangerous, especially when cowboy builders around Dorking and Reigate choose to neglect health and safety regulation. Luckily, there are many builders who work carefully and methodically, like Precise Construction. This approach massively reduces the chance that any kind of accident will occur. In this blog post, we’ve listed a few ways in which our builders help keep our construction sites around Reigate and Dorking safe and sound.

How Our Builders Reduce Workplace Hazards

EQUIPMENT CHECKS – Our builders and site supervisors will always inspect all equipment we’re to use before beginning a project in Dorking or Reigate. While we only use tools from reliable “industry standard” brands, it’s essential that we know that a power drill or sander, for example, aren’t going to let us down mid-job and prove hazardous to the user.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS – Firstly, sites needs to be checked for any slippery or wet patches, and for other potential environmental hazards – uneven or weak ground, for example. Secondly, any work outside should be avoided during spates of bad weather. Hard hats off to any builders in Dorking or Reigate willing to work come hail or snow, but it can be dangerous in a number of ways. Electrical equipment could electrocute the user or a contractor using a ladder could slip off. It’s always best to wait for things to settle down.

PERSONAL PROTECTION – Thanks to many revolutions in construction industry personal protection, builders are now better protected than ever before. There are many items we use to safeguard ourselves during certain aspects of the job. Goggles, hard hats and gloves – the holy trinity – are just the beginning. Some builders in the Dorking and Reigate area may be tempted to forgo certain personal protection, but ours won’t. We’ve heard too many horror stories to want to risk it!

SITE MANAGEMENT – Perhaps the most crucial aspect of construction industry health and safety is proper site management. Messy, chaotic sites lead to accidents. A mislaid tool could fall from height, or be slipped on. Not only are builders much safer when sites are kept clean, tidy and organised, but they work better too. Our builders have heaps of experience with all sorts of projects around Dorking and Reigate, and there’s nothing we dislike more than a disorganised site! So if you require any kind of work around the Surrey area, give our builders a call. That way you have full peace of mind that the job will be done safely and properly.

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